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What is BeHeard Baltimore™?
 BeHEARD Baltimore is a citizen engagement project of the Schaefer Center for Public Policy at the University of Baltimore  College of Public Affairs that provides opportunities for Baltimore residents to share their opinions with policy makers about important policy issues and current events by completing BeHEARD Baltimore™surveys.

How are participants chosen?
 There are two ways to join BeHEARD Baltimore™ by invitation or self-sign up.

By Invitation: Through address based probability sampling, households are randomly selected to receive invitations by mail to join the BeHEARD Baltimore™ web panel. These participants are requested to use their invitation code to join BeHEARD Baltimore™.

By Self-Sign Up: Baltimore residents who want to join BeHEARD Baltimore™, just need to complete the sign up form to join BeHEARD Baltimore™. 

How many members of a household can participate?
All members of a household over 18 are invited to join BeHEARD Baltimore™.
How often will I be asked to participate?
Every few weeks BeHEARD Baltimore™ members will receive an invitation to participate in a poll. Participants may also receive additional invitations to participate in rapid-response polls about current events or breaking news.
How can I participate?
Panel members can complete surveys on their personal computer, tablet, or smartphone. Panelists can also participate using computers available at their local library.
Do I have to participate?
Participation in the BeHEARD Baltimore™ poll is voluntary although sign up is required. Participants may choose to not participate in any individual poll or chose to leave the panel at any time.
Are my responses kept private?
As a university-based polling center, we protect your confidentiality. Participant responses are never linked to their identity and all responses are reported in the aggregate. We do not share, sell, or rent our participants’ contact information.
Who is behind BeHeard Baltimore™?
BeHEARD Baltimore™ is a project of the Schaefer Center for Public Policy at the University of Baltimore College of Public Affairs.